||| about

My name is Johanna and I am a scholar*activist currently working on my doctoral research. Within my research I am interested in looking at the intersection of social & political mobilization (i.e. pro-democratic/anti-authoritarian; environmental) and artistic practices. 

I am institutionalized at the University of Helsinki and a doctoral researcher within the Doctoral Programme in Political, Soci­etal and Regional Change. Please contact me through my University of Helsinki contact if you want to be in touch.

I am also currently a visiting PhD research at the Center for Social Development Studies, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bankok. 


||| research foci

Substantively  | politics of waters/natural resources; water-society-relationalities; politics of climate change; human rights issues as intersectional struggle; social media & art as activist practices; processes of state formation & territorialization

Theoretically  |  political ecology (esp. hydrosocial approaches) & economy; politics of scale and space; intersectional/queer/feminist tradition; social movement studies; futurisms

Regional focus  |  Southeast Asia (incl. Burma/Myanmar; Thailand; Việt Nam; Indonesia); Germany

Methods | Field research in Europe and Southeast Asia using extensive qualitative methods including (narrative) interviews, participatory observation, visual analysis, literature & document analysis, (digital) ethnographic approaches